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Our small Vinegar Manufacture, situated in an old farm house of Eastern Styria built in 1799 tends to be optically as well as culinary a very delightful destination for a day trip.

To give our visitors the oppertunity  to explore this, some time ago we decided to provide guided tours and make in possible for everybody to follow and explore the creation prozess of our vinegar specialities in its outstanding quality. Due to our way of harvesting and processing methods, our location in the Natural Park Almenland and beeing the neighbouring valley of the Natural Park Pöllauer Tal one can take away a lot of knowledge about natural and sustaining farming systems, about meadow orchards of our region, biodiversity and the rural originality of our immideate sourroundings.


Vinegar Cellar - Vinegar Manufacture Oswald / Schaffer


You are able to walk through all the rooms of our Vinegar Manufacture, 62.5 sqare meters in size and to look at each corner and all edges. In the photo above you can see the Production Cellar of our Vinegar Manufacture.

Also this year, you can visit us as an individual visitor, as a group or a visitor in combination with the Genusscard or the Steiermarkcard.

Please look at the specific pages related with these two card programs on our homepage to gain detailed informations.


In general, in the period of time between the 1st. of March and the End of October in every year, you can attend Guided Tours trough the Manufacture every Wednesdey and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. without any reservation.

During the 1,5 hours lasting guided tour you are also able to degust all out types of vinegar specialities.

The  price for a guided tour is € 6,00 per person (free under 6 years).


If you are planning a group visit (6 to 50 persons - duration 1.5 - 2 hours, Price 6 Euro per person), please contact us in advance and make a reservation. You will find additional information on Öffnungszeiten / Kontakt on our homepage. In this case you can book a guided tour at other times as well.

Group visits without reservation cannot be accomplished due to organisational reasons. At larger numbers of visitors we devide the guided tour into two groups, so that all visitors are able to attend and enjoy the tours with all their senses.